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Nanaimo Events Enjoyed by Many

Author Carol Chapman in Nanaimo, BC, Canada
April 27, 2012

Carol Chapman held three events in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, from April 14 to April 21. The events were “Everyone Has a Book in Them,” “Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Fifth Root Race,” and “Atlantis and It’s Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan.” She also gave several personal mentoring sessions to individuals who had attended the “Everyone Has a Book in Them” event and who desired additional assistance from Carol in honing their book ideas and heading down the road of turning their ideas into actual publishable manuscripts.

Everyone Has a Book in Them
During this all-day event, Carol gave individuals the boost they needed to get going on that book they’ve always meant to write. Carol shared information she has learned on her path to becoming a published author and then becoming a publisher at SunTopaz. The seminar focused on expressing creativity through writing, steps to begin and continuing writing, options for producing and promoting a written work, as well as making an author more publishable.

Some of the comments Carol received from the participants are:

“Carol is an amazing speaker—passionate—ease and flow in her presentation—inspiring.”

“Love the [writing] exercises and Carol’s authenticity and presence.”

“I feel confident and inspired! I enjoyed the program—glad I came. Thank you, Carol!”

Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Fifth Root Race
A by donation evening event, Carol shared information on the history of the soul’s connection with the physical on earth. Multiple individuals (Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, the Hopi, Maya, and the Hindus) talk about humans progressing through root races and/or previous worlds. The story of the root races goes beyond reincarnation. During the event, Carol explored this interesting topic and included additional information she received through hypnosis about the root races, for example, why humans suffer, why death is the new thing in our soul’s journey, and what to expect from the next root race: the fifth.

Some of the things people liked best about this event are:

“The five-door meditation.”

“The simplicity of this explanation.”

“The topic, the information/knowledge of the speaker.”

Atlantis and Its Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan
At this all-day event, Carol explored the exciting topic of the lost continent of Atlantis. Although Atlantis has yet to be found, Carol believes that, based on her hypnosis-induced memories of Atlantis, evidence actually exists of Atlanteans in Egypt and Yucatan. Carol discussed her personal experiences of the world of Atlantis through information she received during her hypnosis sessions as well as evidence gathered while visiting Egypt and Yucatan monuments. In addition, Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings for individuals with past lives in Atlantis reveal the fascinating story of the exodus of survivors from the sinking Atlantis to safety lands. Carol also discussed the information presented in the Edgar Cayce readings and from other individuals.

Participants’ comments included:

“I was skeptical! But, this has been one of my most enlightening and enjoyable days. Carol’s energy and knowledge has been most energizing!”

“Very personable speaker! Extremely knowledgeable. Sparked much interest for future reading.”

“Wonderful! I would like to hear the continuing story . . .”

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