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"We have been looking for proof of Atlantis without success because we have been looking for evidence of beings like ourselves—human beings. We didn’t realize that the documentation was in front of us all along." 
~ When We Were Gods, p. 179
First Mention of Atlantis
Plato’s Timaeus and Criticas are considered to be the first written record of the ancient lost continent of Atlantis. Plato lived in 5,000 BCE. In the Timaeus and Criticas, Plato describes Atlantis as a large island in the Atlantic Ocean that disappeared as a huge inundation of water caused by volcanic and earthquake activity 9,000 years before Plato’s time—that would be in 14,000 BCE. He also said that Atlantis was a stepping-stone to the next continent, ostensibly North America.
Although Plato was the first to write specifically about Atlantis, there are many civilizations and cultures on earth that refer to devastations by a huge inundation by water. The story of Noah and the Flood in the Christian Bible is just one. Some cultures, for example, the Maya, have legends saying that advanced people came from the East, which would have been from the Atlantic Ocean, to teach the local people.
There are also legends of advanced civilizations that existed before the modern era. For example, many speculate that the ancient Egyptian civilization was more advanced 6,000 years ago than it was during the early years of the second millennium. Some believe that ancient Egypt was a colonized by Atlantis and benefited from the Atlantean’s advanced technology.
No one really knows where Atlantis was. They can only speculate. And speculate they do. Often, when archeologists find regular patterns in the sea floor in the waters adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, they proclaim they have found the lost continent of Atlantis. So far, no one has definitely found anything that they could prove was Atlantis. Usually the archeologists discover the ruins they have found are not old enough. Or, they discover that the regular patterns on the sea floor are not manmade but a natural formation. Here are some of the proposed locations of Atlantis: Spain, the Island of Spartel, off the coast of Cuba, the Island of Andros, off the coast of Cyprus, the island of Crete, off the coast of Bimini Island in the Caribbean . . . there is even one theory that says that massive displacements of the earth’s crust caused Atlantis to shift to the position of the South Pole and that Antarctica was once Atlantis.

Atlantis Exists
Although our first written documentation of Atlantis occurred in Plato’s Timaeus in 5,000 BCC, the topic has to be of electrifying importance on an archetypal level. It must be. Every time an archeological dig is connected to the possibility of unearthing proof of the existence of  Atlantis, the news item is galvanized to front page status.  People read articles about Atlantis. Even people who believe Atlantis is a figment of humanity’s mass imagination are mesmerized by stories about Atlantis.
Memories of Atlantis
Edgar Cayce, North America’s best documented psychic, in his trance readings said that although most of what was once the continent of Atlantis is now buried under years of sediment and miles of water under the ocean, the memory of Atlantis lives on in our minds. He said that many of us carry memories of our experiences of that long-ago past within the deep recesses of our minds—because Atlantis really existed and because we were there. He also said that many of us have come into the earth again now because we presently, as we were in Atlantis, are on the brink of destruction. Some of us are here to do our best to avoid the mistakes we made during that long-ago time. Others are repeating the same mistakes again. He said that many of the leaders of the major nations of the world are again wielding power as they did in Atlantis.


Because Carol first met her husband in a dream, people are always asking her how to find the man or woman of their dreams. Here are some suggestions for working with your dreams:

Write down your dreams
Keep a pen and notebook by your bed so you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. The longer you wait to get them down, the less you’ll remember.

Dreams Symbols
Your dreams are your soul communicating with you. However, your soul does not use words to communicate. Instead it uses symbolic images. Most of these images are very personal to the dreamer. For example, if one person dreams about a rose it could mean love, to another, it would be the name of their daughter.

Dreams are usually about the dreamer
Although your dreams are full of all kinds of people, animals and landscapes, most of them refer to the you. For example, if you dream about someone you know who you feel is very selfish, your dream may be pointing out your own selfishness.

Those scenarios that wake you in the night, your heart pounding, are often warnings to change your ways. Although they can also be caused by indigestion, they are usually trying to “awaken” you to change. For example, if you dream of spiders coming out of ice cream, you may be allergic to dairy products or eating too many sweets.

If you don’t dream
Everyone dreams. If you think you don’t, it only means that you don’t remember your dreams. Before you go to bed, give yourself a suggestion to remember your dreams. Get serious and keep a pen and notebook by your bed. As soon as you awaken write down whatever comes to you even if it is only a color or a feeling. Before long you’ll be remembering your dreams.

Work with Your Dreams
As you become proficient in understanding your dreams, begin to act on the suggestions you receive, always measuring what you receive against common sense. For example, you shouldn’t jump off a bridge if you dreamt about it. You might take a leap, though, and try something new.


Giant Sunflower
Giant Squash

"But remember, Pan has also said that nature can and wants to heal the earth. We have only to appreciate how much nature does for us and ask for its help."
~ When We Were Gods, p. 92

In Chapter 14, Carol describes a visit from an other-worldly visitor who seemed to be Pan, Lord of the Wilderness. He wanted his message to be included in the book.

Take a look at the marvelous sunflowers and peppers that grew in Carol’s garden. It was as if Pan, who oversees the natural world, gave her thanks for including his message in the book. Carol believes Pan also wanted to show us just how much nature can do when we cooperate with the natural world.

The Importance of Sunlight
Which is Part of the Natural World

The sun is part of the natural world, and although we long for en-“light”-enment, we take sunlight totally for granted. Even though the purpose of our spiritual searching is to bring us to “light” from darkness, we have little respect for the one and only source of enduring light available to us: the sun.
~ When We Were Gods, p. 50

I was especially intrigued with the statement that the root of our undoing was that we live our lives as if we are greater than God and that the antidote was to greet the rising sun saying, “God is greater,” three times.
~ When We Were Gods,
p. 53

Sunlight Exercise: Every morning, greet the rising sun, lifting arms overhead and saying, “God is Greater” three times (without glasses or contacts—but don’t stare directly at the sun)

    * Helps to cure the soul sickness of disobedience
    * Encourages alignment of the body with the soul through the spiritual centers
    * Feeds the pineal with the raw material of  early morning sunlight 
    * Reinforces, at the cell level, that the light overcomes the darkness
    * Acknowledges our dependence on the natural world (including the sun)
    * Reminds us who we really are: Light beings made in the image of the Creator

(As described in When We Were Gods, Chapter 8, “The Light Without”)


You don't have to go for hypnotherapy to discover your past lives. The clues are all around you.

Clair crouching in a Renaissance dress
Loves and Passions
One clue may be through your interests. For example, the young woman in the photo loves to make medieval and renaissance clothes. Her love of sewing and the clothes of that historical period are both clues to her possible previous lifetimes.

What do you love? Do you have a passion for Chinese furniture? Japanese food? Tall ships? Are you crazy about ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, or Atlantis? Do you long to visit Peru? These are all clues to previous incarnations.

Hates and Dislikes
Just as your loves can be clues to previous lifetimes, those things that you dislike can also suggest your previous incarnations. For example, for years Carol hated all kinds of crystals. As she discovered under deep hypnosis, she had been involved with the powerful and destructive energy source in Atlantis, the Great Crystal.

What do you hate? Does Chinese food make you sick? Do the styles of the roaring twenties look ridiculous to you? Do you hate big band music? Is Germany the one country you hope to never visit? Do pictures of the Roman Coliseum chill your bones? There's a good chance you were there. If you experience a strong emotional reaction to a place or time period, it is a clue to a possible previous lifetime.
Past Life Dreams
Dreams of previous incarnations are not that unusual. Many people have them. Unlike regular dreams in which people look like we do today, past life dreams are characterized by period costumes and perhaps, horses and carriages, teepees, swords, dug-out canoes, etc. Incidentally, you may be the opposite sex in a previous incarnation.
Most of the people with whom you have close relationships are people you have likely known before. Often they are part of a group with whom you incarnate over and over again. In each lifetime you and your associates play different parts. Especially when there is an initial strong attraction or revulsion, you probably have had a lifetime with the person before. And, an initial strong attraction does not necessarily mean that your previous relationship with that person was a good one. It only means that you recognize the person.
Life Lessons
Likely you have had hundreds and even thousands of previous lifetimes. However, you don't work on resolving your lessons from all these past lives all at once. In fact, in your present lifetime, you're probably working on six to ten previous incarnations. In addition, even though you probably have shared past lives with everyone with whom you are closely involved in this lifetime, you aren't necessarily working on the same incarnations as your friends and relations are.
Children May Talk About Past Lives
It’s a good idea to keep a journal for your children when they’re small because they will sometimes tell you about their previous lifetimes. Especially in the under-five years of age your child or grandchild may say, "I love to wear the big boots and the hat with the big feather in it.” If you don’t squelch the child’s train of thought by telling him or her, “You don’t have a hat with a big feather in it”, the child may add, “And I am very good at fighting with a sword.” Could your little one have been a Musketeer?

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