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When We Were Gods Now Available as a Kindle!

February 12, 2012

When We Were Gods Carol Chapman is pleased to announce that her first book, When We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening, is now available as an Amazon Kindle. It can be purchased from Amazon.com for only $2.99.

When We Were Gods can be viewed on any Kindle e-reader, but for those users with a Kindle Fire, an iPhone, or an iPad, the photos are in color.

Don’t have a Kindle e-reader? Order a Kindle e-reader direct from Amazon. Amazon even has some versions of the e-reader that they can ship internationally. And the great thing about having a Kindle e-reader is that once you have it, you’ll be able to order other books in their Kindle version and have them delivered to you electronically in only seconds.

What’s a Kindle?
A Kindle, or more correctly, a Kindle e-book, is a form of electronic book that was created by Amazon. Although Amazon has created its own Kindle e-reader, Kindle e-books can also be read on other devices. For example, you can get free apps to read Kindle e-books on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices.

In addition, once you have a device that can be used to view Kindle e-books, you can order a Kindle e-book at any time from just about anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your e-reader within seconds. Kindle e-books are also often less expensive than the paperback or hardcover versions of the same book.

If you are interested in having an actual Kindle e-reader, it can be ordered from Amazon.com.

In the U.S.
Amazon has a couple of different types of Kindle e-readers. The Kindle Fire displays images in color. It is important to note that not all Kindle e-books are produced with color photos. If you have a Kindle Fire or other device that displays color, it will only do so if the original Kindle e-book contains color. Some of the black and white Kindle e-reader models are the basic Kindle e-reader, the Kindle Keyboard, and the Kindle Paperwhite (which has a touch screen).

In Canada and Other Countries
You can order the basic Kindle e-reader from Amazon.com using the special international basic Kindle link. There are also a few stores
(The Source and Staples) within Canada that carry a few Kindle e-reader models but they must be purchased in store.


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