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Have Your Heart's Desire:
Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life
Now Available in Paperback and Kindle

October 19, 2012

Cover of Have Your Heart's Desire Are you interested in a book that will change your life?

Carol Chapman is pleased to announce the release of Have Your Heart's Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life, a book that can help you improve your life. It is available in paperback and Kindle.

For years, audience members and readers of Carol’s books have asked her questions such as, “How did you do that?”, “How can I do the things you have done?” and “Can you teach me?”

Have Your Hearts Desire is the first book in the "Your Spiritual Awakening" series, a series devoted to sharing the tools that have helped Carol develop her spiritual abilities. This particular book presents inspirational prayers that she has shared at her speaking engagements. Audience members have frequently remarked that the prayers have improved their lives. Now these prayers are being shared with the rest of the world so that others can reap the benefits the prayers provide.

Carol learned the prayers from their creator, J. Everett Irion, a kind and psychic counselor who was working at Edgar Cayce headquarters in Virginia Beach.
He studied the psychic guidance in the Cayce readings and provided private spiritual coaching sessions that included guidance in psychic development, personal transformation, and self improvement. One of the prayers, the profound 40-day Forgiveness Prayer, is often referred to as the Edgar Cayce prayer.

Everett was in his mid-70s when Carol knew him. Sadly, he has passed away since, but his words of wisdom live on. In this fantastic book you will learn:
  • Spiritual guidelines for making good choices
  • Why you need to appreciate everything
  • How to use the Law of Attraction in ways that honor the will of the soul
  • How the 40-Day Prayer led to one man’s healing from a terminal illness
  • Prayers for forgiving yourself and others as well as releasing anger and resentment
  • How the Prayer of Manifestation can bring you the desires of your heart
  • How to choose your words to create more powerful prayers
  • The interplay of the conscious and subconscious minds in finding happiness
  • How body/mind healing and Grace can result when following these spiritual practices   
If you want to make a better life, Have Your Heart’s Desire is for you!

Have Your Heart's Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life (ISBN-10: 0975469134 , ISBN-13: 978-0975469132, ASIN: B006S8F2KG, SunTopaz, 124 pages, trade paper $14.95, Kindle $6.99) contains an appendix, bibliography, and a foreword by Nancy C. Christbaum, formerly Nancy C. Pohle, co-author of Awakening the Real You: Awareness through Dreams and Intuition. The paperback also has an index.

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